Lock Timer Update

Just in time for HushCon this year, I released a new version of the Lock Timer app. This is the first major update of the app since I built my original set of lock stands back in 2017. Changes include:

  • Added single-player mode
  • Added maximum time support
  • Made the UI layout support non-standard resolutions
  • Updated code to support Python 3.9.x
  • Updated code to support GuiZero 1.5.0

Enjoy! Let me know if you build your own timer game!

Screenshot of Lock Timer UI

Thanks DEF CON 31!

Thanks to everyone who came by to visit our book signing! We had a great time meeting you and hope you enjoy the early release of Locksport or Pentesting Azure Applications! I’m also excited to say that today we submitted the penultimate edits for Locksport to the production team — just one more review once the page numbers are locked to verify the index and the final version is off to the printer!

Also thanks to Max for the shoutout in the DEF CON media video interview!

Pre-Order Locksport book for pickup at DEF CON 31!

I’m excited to announce that we will have an early release version of our new book, Locksport, available in print at DEF CON 31 this August! Even better, several of the authors (including me!) will be at the No Starch Press booth to sign copies! You should pre-order the book now, as it will sell out. Pre-orders close July 7, so don’t wait. The book signing will be on Saturday, August 12th at 1pm.

Pre-order here.

More information about the book is here.

Seattle Locksport is Back!

As one of the organizers of Seattle Locksport, I am excited to announce that we are resuming in-person meetups! We took a long break due to COVID, but we are ready to see everyone again. We will be meeting near Seattle on the east side the third Tuesday every month at 7 PM. Our first meetup will be at NW Brewing in Redmond. RSVP if you can join us!

My team is hiring!

Are you interesting in joining a world-class Red Team? We are currently hiring pentesters/red teamers for the Microsoft internal Red Team. We have an excellent team of offensive security engineers, and are excited to grow the team. Check out the job posting here, or reach out to me if you have any questions.

Locksport Available for Pre-Order

I’m very excited to announce that my second book, Locksport, is available for pre-order from Amazon and No Starch Press. My coauthors and I have worked very hard to share everything we think you’ll need to learn the ins-and-outs of various locksport skills. Each section is brought to you by a world-renowned Locksporter:

  • How to identify types of locks, their parts, take them apart and modify them [me]
  • Pin-Tumbler lock picking [Walter Belgers, TOOOL NL president emeritus & lock picking champion]
  • Impressioning [Jos Weyers, TOOOL NL president & impressioning champion]
  • Safe lock manipulation (safe cracking) [Bandeatoz, safe expert]
  • Lever lock picking [Nigel K. Tolley, lock picking champion & professional locksmith]
  • Other lock-related contests [joint work]

I can’t wait for everyone to get to read it.

Locksport Cover